Alan J. Marinaro M.S.
                                   RESEARCH INTERESTS:

 Teleconnections, climate variability, global wind oscillation,

seasonal  and subseasonal  prediction, tropical cyclone activity

modeling, applied climatology related to agriculture, energy, and hydrology.



Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 2011-13
B.S. in Meteorology
Honors: Cum Laude
Honor Society: Gamma Theta Upsilon


Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 2013-15
M.S. in Geography
Emphasis: Climatology and Meteorology
Committee: David Changnon (Chair), Walker Ashley, Isaac Hankes, and Jie Song
Thesis Citation:

       Marinaro, A., 2015: The Indian Ocean Dipole's Influence on Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Activity.                                                           Activity. Department of Geography, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, 87                                                                                    [Available at:]

                                  Programming, GIS, Statistics, & OFFICE:


                                               Languages: FORTRAN, Html, Matlab, Python, GrADS, & LaTeX.
                                               Office: Excel, Word, Office, Powerpoint, Outlook, Open Office.
                                               Apps: Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat, SPSS, Tanagra, GIMP, FileZilla.
                                               GIS: ArcGIS, Geomedia, QGIS.
                                               Algorithms - Stats: L-Moments, (R)PCA, Multivariate Regression, Time Series Standardization.
                                               Operating Systems: Unix/Linux, Windows, DOS.

                                  Professional Experience:


                                               Teacher's Assistant (Northern Illinois University, Fall 2013 - Spring 2015)

Performed teaching assistant duties for laboratory classes related to Introduction to Atmospheric Science (100 level), Introduction to Geography (100 level), Atmospheric Dynamics 1 and 2 (400 level), Advanced Synoptic Meteorology (400 level), and Remote Sensing of the Environment (400 level). Taught several masters students and a PhD candidate in 500 level versions of Atmospheric Dynamics 1 and 2. Prepared and gave lectures, created assignments, held office hours, formulated grades, and used the interface known as "Blackboard" to communicate and keep records of student progress online.


                                               Research / Programming internship at the MRCC (University of Illinois, Summer 2014)

Researched rainfall events in the Cook County Precipitation Network for return periods and trends from 1989-present. Future events were also analyzed for the periods of 2010-2040 and 2041-2070 using the GFDL, CCSM, and CGGM3 climate models. Programmed L-Moments (FORTRAN) and performed statistical analysis on the rainfall events found. Tertiary responsibilities include organizing climate data, working in a team environment, and creating climate related graphics and maps.


                                  RESEARCH manuscripts & Conferences:



Marinaro, A., S. Hilberg, D. Changnon, and J.R. Angel, 2015: The North Pacific-Driven Severe        Midwest Winter of 2013-14. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol., 54, 2141-2151.

       [Available at:]

Gensini, V.A., and A. Marinaro, 2016: Tornado Activity in the United States Related to Global        Relative Angular Momentum. Mon. Wea. Rev., 144, 801-810.

       [Available at:]

       [*Research featured as Editorís Choice in Science, Vol. 350 (p. 1488)]


Hankes, I.E. and A. Marinaro, 2016: The Impacts of Column Water Vapor Variability on        Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclone Activity. Quart. J. Roy. Meteor. Soc., Completed minor        revisions, May 2016.

Marinaro, A. and I.E. Hankes, 2016: The Indian Ocean Dipoleís Influence on Atlantic Tropical        Cyclone Activity. In process, submitting to Int. J. Climatol.


Marinaro, A. (2012): Constructing a Composite of Teleconnection Indices to Better Forecast        Temperature over the Eastern United States. Presentation, East Lakes and West Lake        Regional Association of American Geographers Conference Meeting, DeKalb, IL. [PDF]

Marinaro, A. (2012): Constructing a Composite of Teleconnection Indices to Better Forecast        Temperature over the Eastern United States. Presentation, Annual Joint NIU and Chicago        AMS Chapter Meeting 2012, Lewis University, Romeoville, IL.

Hankes, I.E., G. Zhang, Z. Wang, C. Fritz, and A. Marinaro (2014): Interannual Variations of        Middle and Upper Tropospheric Dry Air and Its Impacts on Tropical Cyclone Activity over        the Atlantic Basin. Poster, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA.        [PDF]

Marinaro, A. and V.A. Gensini (2015): The Impact of the Global Wind Oscillation on Tornado        Activity East of the Continental Divide. Poster, 19th Annual Severe Storms and Doppler        Radar Conference. Central Iowa National Weather Association. Ankeny, IA. [PDF]

Gensini, V.A. and A. Marinaro (2016): Spring Tornado Activity in the United States Related to        the Global Wind Oscillation. Poster, American Meteorological Society 96th Annual Meeting.        New Orleans, LA. [PDF]

Hankes, I.E. and A. Marinaro (2016): Column Water Vapor Variability and Its Impacts on        Tropical Cyclone Activity over the Atlantic Basin. Poster, American Meteorological Society        32nd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology, San Juan, PR. [PDF]